Baby Stacking Toy Squeeze Toy - 6 Pcs Set

  • 🚼【Unique Infant Stacking Circle Teething Toy】SYNPOS baby stacking nesting circle toy is made of food-grade silicone. Does not contain BPA, safe and non-toxic. It can be used as a baby's teether, which is as safe and soft as a fruit chew candy, helping your baby to teeth better. A stacking toy that your baby can't put it down.
  • 🚼【Fun Organic Stacking Baby Toys】Our stacking toy blocks have 6 brightly colored and different sizes of circles, which are very helpful for children to identify colors and sizes. There are numbers, letters, fruits and graphics on the stacked rings. It can improve children's cognition and turn on the world of baby's whimsical ideas.
  • 🚼【Unlimited Attraction For Babies】All babies are interested in stacking toys. Cute stacked circles can build any shape. There is a small hole at the bottom of each soft ring. The ring toy is very soft, easy to squeeze and make a sound. This will attract Baby's attention and help the baby's hearing development.
  • 🚼【How To Stop The Baby From Crying】Are you worried about how to soothe a crying baby? At present, our stacking ring is a very good choice, it is an excellent helper to accompany the baby in the bath. Living Up To A Good Time In The Bath. Note: Please dry it in a dry and ventilated place after washing with water to avoid mold.
  • 🚼【STEM Educational Toys 】Our stacking circle toys is the best baby Montessori toy. It can improve children's creativity and practical skills, enhance their hand-eye coordination ability, and strengthen early education knowledge. It is an ideal gift for baby shower, Christmas and Birthday over 6 months.
    Baby Stacking Teething Toy

    Baby Montessori Sensory Toys with Number, Fruit and Shape, Early Learning Toys for Toddlers 6 Months

    Baby Stacking Nesting Toys

    Do you know what kind of toys that babies over 6 months need most?

    Our stacking soft circle is a best toy that is carefully prepared for your child.

    It is a necessary Montessori baby toy for the baby's growth.

    Baby Stacking Nesting Toys

    Stack Stack Stack~Stacking fun never end!!!

    From smallest to largest,From largest to smallest,

    Little baby,use your creativity to stack everything you want!!!

    Baby Stacking Nesting Toys



    • Please use wet wipes to clean the surface of the stacking ring before baby bit it.
    • The stacking circle are packed very quickly after the manufacture, there for may have some smell when you opening the package.If you meet that situation,please put the circle out in air or under the sunlight for couple hour
    • Make sure keep dry inside the stacking circle,If the water stay in it for a long time, there may be a peculiar smell.
    • If you have any issue about the toys,Our service team are always ready for serving.


    Stacking Nesting Toys Stacking Nesting Toys
    6 Pcs Baby Stacking Toy 7 Pcs Stacking & Nesting Toy
    Material Food Grade Silicone Food Grade Silicone
    Quantity 6 7
    Shower Toy
Baby Stacking Toy Squeeze Toy - 6 Pcs Set
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