Baby Nail Trimmer Electric

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Single Baby Nail Trimmer
  • SAFE BABY NAIL TRIMMER - Electric Baby Nail Clippers are used to safely and quickly trim and polish the small toes and nails of babies and adults. It is very soft and will not damage the cuticle.
  • UPGRADED CYLINDRICAL FILE HEAD - SYNPOS Baby Nail File Kit has upgraded the file head, the light will be blocked when the flat file head is used. The design is more convenient for 3D and all-round nail grinding, even if the baby is active, it can easily cope with it.
  • MUTE AND LOW-VIBRATION DESIGN - The electric baby nail file is equipped with a whisper-silent motor to reduce noise. You can trim your nails while your baby is sleeping without waking your baby.
  • WHY TRIM YOUR BABY'S NAILS - Long nails are easy to scratch baby face and ears. Long nails tend to split the nail groove. Baby's hands are the key to open the world. It is the perfect Baby Shower Gift.
  • NO NEED TO HESITATE TO ORDER - Our Baby Nail File Grooming Kit has an exquisite gift box, which is easy to store and carry.  If you have any other questions, please contact us without any worries.

Product Description

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer - Caring For Your Baby, Starting From Hands

Baby Nail Trimmer Electric


SYNPOS electric baby nail trimmer is designed to trim and polish toenails and fingernails for babies and adults, made of ABS plastic material, it won’t be damage cuticles or nail beds. The baby nail file quiped with whisper-quiet and front LED light, no worry waking up your sleeping baby , and it effectively ensuring to use in the dark environment.

  • Two-way four-speed
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • 6 grinding heads
  • Soft night vision light

Baby Nail Trimmer Electric


  • Long nails are easy to scratch baby face and ears.
  • Fingernails hide dirt, sucking fingers can easily cause digestive tract diseases.
  • Long nails tend to split the nail groove.

Baby Nail Trimmer Electric

Safe Nail Care Set for the Whole Family Use

Recommended Age:

  • Yellow: 0-3 months
  • Pink: 4-11 months
  • Green: 12+ months
  • White: adults polish nails
  • Metal Pad: adults shape nails
  • Cylindrical Pad: adults shape nails

Great Gift Ideas for Baby Shower, Birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas etc.

Baby Nail Trimmer Electric

Clean & Storage

  1. For a better use, please keep your hands or feet dry before use.
  2. Please clean with soft wet towel or cloth, never use alcohol, acetone, gasolineor, or other mordant products.
  3. Please store the nail trimmer in the dry and at room temperature. Take the batteries out if not use.
Baby Nail Trimmer Electric
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